Valhalla - Loke Picture

A fan picture of The norse god Loke from the Danish 'Valhall' (Valhalla) comics from 1979 by Peter Madsen.

In the US the name 'Loke' is changed to 'Loki', witch I don't really like to be honest.

... I haven't seen the 'Avengers' movie and i don't know if I will - even tough some of the actors seems awesome.
There are some things that really bothers me in avengers of what i've seen/heard and its well... the fact that in Avengers that Loke/Loki is a son of Odin, that is not true in the Norse mythology were Loke is Odin's shield-brother, not his son.

... but I guess this is Marvel's verition on it all, ;;

Im just sharing my own thoughts of it.
No hard feelings kay?

Back to these 'Valhalla' comics,
First of all I read these wen I was very young.
I remember having a book with about one or two chapters of this and I really loved to read it.
Now, 7 years or more later I found the first and 2nd 'collectors edition' books of the comic an decided to by them.

And what do you know, now I love these series even more than before.

now I understand what the characters mean at times (there are a lot of adult jokes
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