Top 10 Media With The Worst Fandoms Meme Picture

UPDATE 4/4/2014: Disabling comments, because I'm so tired of this meme getting so much attention and filling in my inbox with too much feedback.

Yeah I decided to do this off the bat, and since there's so many fandoms I can rant about.... I thought it would help me explain why with actual valid reasons. And before any of you get butthurt over which fandoms I placed here, just know these ARE my opinions. Just because I placed some fandoms here does not mean I hate the medias(even though there's some here that I can't stand), it's just the fandoms that bother me. Plus so many people would treat these fandoms as if they're religions and if anybody disagrees then you get shitload of butthurt people raging out you because they get so butthurt over opinions.

Okay here we go.

10. Adventure Time: (Fiona and Cake Version ONLY)
Do I like the Show?: Of course I do^^
I have been watching this on my Netflix for some time and it's probably one of the few modern CN shows that I enjoy watching. However, I think the fanbase has gone batshit ever since they did those gender bender episodes of Fionna and Cake. I mean c'mon, I liked the gender bender episodes too BUT there's MORE to Adventure Time besides the gender bender episodes! Not only that but I'm so tired of a bunch of rabid Marshall Lee/Fiolee fangirls raging at other male characters like Prince Gumball and claim that Marshall or their shipping is sexier. No every time I look up Fionna and Cake, I always get flooded with Fiolee pictures. Fiolee is NOT even canon, I never saw what was so special about this pairing anyways. Even the episode "Bad Little Boy" didn't convince me to the pairing, it's a cool song but meh... Even when they first showed the gender bender episodes people shipped Fiolee like crazy and Marshal was only on there for 5 FUCKING SECONDS! Plus it still didn't help with the Bad Little Boy episode, well sure we got to know Marshall more but it still doesn't convince me. Partially because even though I'm a huge Marceline fan, I was NEVER a fan of Marshall Lee. Plus the whole human girl x vampire boy teenage romance is so cliche. I also hate how everyone pays attention to Marshall more than Marcy these days... Yes he is the gender bender of Marceline and she told the story but my gawd... He wasn't even badass as I expected, just another cliche emo boy character. Let's face it guys, if they're going to do more gender bender episodes, Fionna is going to be paired with Flame Prince. I mean we all seen Finn and Flame Princess officially together now in the original series, so I doubt Fionna and Marshall will be canon in the gender bender stories.
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