Disney's Batmouse Picture

Despite having a difficult and not-so-happy relationship with the character at thye moment (especially in 2000, freaking, 4-TEEEEEN... I mean, 2014), I do believe that I should do something for Batman's 75th anniversary. Anyway, I having been wanting to do a picture with Disney characters as iconic heroes and villains from Gotham, and now seems like the perfect opportunity. So, let's dunudundundudn on to DA-CAAAAAAAAAAAST... (facepalm)..

Mickey Mouse as Batman (Batmouse) because he's the main character.

Christopher Robin (From Winnie the Pooh Bear) as Robin: The Boy Wonder... because... you know, and that they're both cool dudes. I do not know if he should be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake.

Ariel (From The Little Mermaid) as Batgirl (Batmaid, Merbatgirl? Miley?) because she's a redhead.... yeah, dumb reasoning.

Now, on to the rogues.

Donald Duck as the Penguin (Quackguin, as my brother said... he helped with most of the names here) because he is an angr... NO, I AM NOT GOING THERE.... NO SURE-WII!

The Genie (from Aladdin) as the Joker (Genioker) because #1 he's funny and #2 Robin Williams... You see, the actors tried out for Joker TWO TIMES, and was rejected for Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. It would be cool to finally see him as the clown prince of crime, but Warner Bros want more serious gritty gwown-up movies.

Yzma (Emperor's New Groove) as Catwoman (Catyemz?) because... her actress "Earth Kitt" was Catwoman in the final season of the 1960s Batman television show. This was a joke in the movie when Yzma turns into a cat.

Hans (from Frozen) as Two-Face (Hans-Face)... well... I figured there was some connection... I thought it would be cool and funny, and... I like Hans... in fact, more than the other Frozen characters (BOOOOOOOOOOO....) Hey, it's freedom of freaking speech people!

Mad Hatter (from the original Walt Disney Alice in Wonderland) as... well, the Mad Hatter! xD OH MY GOSH- MIND BLOOOOOOOOOOOOW! You don't have to be a genius to consider putting them together.

For the art, I used tutorials to aid me in getting most of the characters to look accurate to their official designs. I tried to mix the dark-Batman elements with the more technicolorful aspect of the mythology. Plus, I added at least two Disney easteggs in. Enjoy!

Batman - Warner and DC-Comics.
Disney - Itself.
Art by Noah/
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