Ian Perril Picture

Another thing for a thing.
Get it? I(a)N PERRIL HA....ahem.

Name: Ian Perril
Age: 16
DOB: October 31 1995
Gender: Male
Year: Third year
Dorm: Blue Iris
Classes: Literature, Algebra, Biology, Drama, Mythology, Art

Personality: Usually he's pretty shy and timid, but when he's on stage or wearing his rad Ray-bands, he's one hot stud-muffin! He's a good listener too, and that's why Lotta Pride has force-adopted him as her crony.

Bio: Came from a small farm somewhere far away, and won a scholarship to TRA. he wants to be an awesome actor when he grows up- if only he can break away from Lotta for five minuets!

Likes: food, apple juice, secrets, computers, acting
Dislikes: yelling, contacts, bushes (don't act)
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