The God of Mischief Picture

So, so... long time no see ^^/

For the first time I have so many things to say, that I have no idea what to begin with and how to write these... As a result I won't write anything I think... ^^'

Uhm... few weeks ago appeared, I will call that "fashion" (I will tell you why later), for Avengers movie... with an emphasis on Tom Hiddleston (who played Loki, main antagonist character in Avengers Movie). That created two kinds of ppl - Fandom (so called <add here character/actor> Army) and Haters.

I really couldn't understand, what is this "war" really about...
I have Tumblr, so I saw that Tumblr is a real castle of Avengers, Thor, etc. I saw ppl reblogging shitloads of Loki, Thor, Avengers, Tom Hiddleston etc. etc. (I'm doing it too... but of different reason as it turned out.), so other people, who don't really like this stuff could be mad... but not as much as they was. I started reading random fan posts to figure out, what's going on... and everything became clear.

I felt really... really sad and offended (even if it wasn't about me), because of people behaviour.
Some girl was calling other one "b*tch/wh*re" and other because (oh yeah, why?) she had opportunity to meet mister Tom Hiddleston in person. Envy?
The other one said, she peed her pants when she seen mister Chris Hemsworth... I think, it's a bit (much) paranoid...
The other thing, which hurts me is fact that people who watched Avengers/Thor and with who I was speaking about it... TOTALLY missed message of the movie! I was sitting there and asking myself "Did I really watch the same movie?"... For them, main plot is about sexy Thor and more sexy Loki fighting. Aha. OK. What about psychological portrait of characters? (answer I got: "Psychological what?". Aha. OK.)

I am really disappointed by this... but what should I do?
I know there are people, who treat seriously actors, movie, story... who respect privacy of actors (hello, they are only humans...) and are interested in mythology for example. And thank you so much for this. And don't hate me for posting that here.


Now, back to the topic of drawing... I drew Loki, because I really like this character (for me he isn't "bad" at all, he's wronged.), not only from movie but also from mythology and Jakub Ćwiek's books entitled "Liar".
Moreover, I'm literally bewitched by Tom Hiddleston's acting skills. He is really talented and should be appreciated because of this (but this is only my opinion).

So, here it is...
Loki, the God of Mischief
(btw. I really like this word... and "witchcraft"
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