Benny and R2-D2 Picture

There was recent news released that Star Wars star R2-D2 was favorited to have made an appearance as a main character in this year’s The Lego Movie 1. Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller wanted him because he was as famous/on-parr with another character in the film, who is neither made for the movie… an actual historic Lego character, or original in the context of those past two choices… and is overrated… and getting his own movie for no good reason. Plus, he is a character who wouldn’t need an actor to voice him.

However, when The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm in October 2012 (when the movie was still in production… yeah, for a February 2014 film, production sure was fast), the rights to R2 were restricted. The directors, who probably were and still are upset, stated “A kid doesn’t have lawyers that won’t allow the toys to play together”. We did get that tiny Star Wars scene in the film, but it would’ve been great to see a Star Wars character throughout the whole movie. Plus, Star Wars was the first licensed theme, helped save the Lego company, and is one of their most successful lines. I mean, R2 had more purpose being in the film than… that guy…. And it would had been fun to see him and the 1980s Blue Spaceman together.

“Oh well, maybe the two will meet in the next movie, right?’’. Even though I want to see

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