Soratami Concept Picture

"Moon spirits are all tricksters. The soratami believe themselves descended from a moon myojin. They say that's why they're so mysterious and clever, and why they look down on the rest of us." - Hidetsugu the Obakemono Shaman, on the soratami and their kami.

The 'soratami' (litterally 'sky-people'), also known as 'moonfolk', is a mysterious race of almost mythical proportions. They are very elusive and secretive, and most people will never see a soratami in their lifetime. They all live in the city of Oboro, which floats high upon the clouds above the Minamo Academy. No human has ever set foot in the soratami city as they are quite reserved. They also view most of the other races as primitive, and especially despise the Orochi and their budoka allies. The soratami are however represented as allies and counsellors at the court of Eiganjo, in the human kingdom of Towabara, and even more so among the human wizards in the Minamo Academy, where they and their kami seem to be leading the school behind the scenes. Stories go that they've even been manipulating nezumi-bito and thugs in the lawless Takenuma swamps. The soratami worship the different aspects of the moon, and are pompous, arrogant and very crafty. Physically they're very similar to humans, but they hold little distinction between the genders. They have long rabbit-like ears, and typically long white hair. Their skin is pale with a blueish hue, and instead of eyebrows they have marks similar to the painted eyebrows of kabuki-actors.

This is fanart of the Soratami from the Kamigawa-cycle of Magic the Gathering.
To anyone who's completely lost about all this; the Kamigawa-cycle is a cycle of cards from Magic the Gathering, by Wizards of the Coasts, with storyline books written by Scott McGough.
The Kamigawa-cycle is more or less built on Japanese folklore and mythology.

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