Archaelyn Manipulation Picture

This started off as a doodle to cast a character, basically. As I'm a theater major who intends to go into directing, I have the unfortunate habit of getting mental movie-like images of whatever I write, and casting actors-- professional or amateur-- or just plain people I know in the roles.
The day I drew/manipulated this, I had found a picture of an actress by the name of Joanna C. Going on a mythology site for the character Persephone and thought. "Hey... she looks a bit like I picture Archaelyn." So I took the photograph's face, tweaked a few things, and then drew hair, an ear, the body, and a background so I could see what she looked like.

This picture was actually done in June, but I kept it on my facebook for a while before putting it up on DA in a vain attempt to find the photographer of the base picture I used for the facial structure: Persephone.jpg?t=1278718511">[link]
If you happen to be the original photographer, and you'd like me to take this down, I would be more than happy to oblige.
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