Oranos - Titan of the Sky Picture

I was revising Eye of the SunFall I the other day, and I got the urge to draw the three main titans: Oranos, Gaia, and Kronos.

Here's Oranos:

Oranos is the Titan of the Sky; his body is the air we (every living thing on earth) breathe. Oranos is not usually accepted into typical Greek diety circles because he's considered a figure of an older time. In Eye of the SunFall However, Oranos is a major player in the story and considered to be the protagonist of the mythology part of the tale.

Oranos is pretty much identical to his mythologocal counterpart: he's the Titan of the Sky, Gaia's husband and the father of the titans. He's Zues' grandfather and was castrated by his youngest son Kronos to free Gaia of pain. In Eye of the SunFall, Oranos is the chief diety in Atlantean mythology and one of the most powerful Titans of all time. He is so powerful, he is the only god Jehovah fears.

When Oranos was killed by Jehovah, his soul lingered along with many fallen gods and Ttians of various mythologies. It was Oranos who created the idea of the Cry and the concept of using mortals as their ticket back home. Oranos waited for the perfect host, and he found it: Estaban...


It's been awhile since I released a new pic. Been doing school stuff and WoW so, very little drawing. I am quite pleased with how Oranos turned out. He's very wise and powerful looking; which is what Oranos is. Although it seems that he doesn't care for his "host", Oranos loves Estaban as if he was his own son, calling him "My boy" or "My child" instead of by his name. If Oranos were to have a voice actor, it'd be the great Christopher Lee.

Oranos is now done, I need to work on Gaia and Kronos. I'll be back!

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