Castiel - Supernatural card Picture

So, for about a year I've been saying to myself, "I should draw some Supernatural fan arts, because I'm a Supernatural fan girl." So, I finally did. And I hates it. Don't bother saying "no Bob, it looks good" because you will be wrong. I'm not saying it's terrible, I'm just saying, I really don't like how his face ended up, and the wings are not what I envisioned (I wanted them to look more like a sort of shadow or whatever), and the coat is crap.

But, whatever. Supernatural fan arts! Yay! Expect better ones in the future. Hopefully.

For those interested in why I like Supernatural, read on:
I didn't at first. A roomie watched it like crazy and I just didn't get into the couple episodes or pieces of episodes I saw. While I'm actually a big fan of the paranormal, mythology, etc, I just couldn't get past the CW fangirl drama plus the dreamy dreamboat actors. She later made me watch some of the funnier episodes (trickster episodes: his first appearance, tv land, and Dean's groundhog day deaths). It got me interested, so I borrowed season 1 and ended up loving it. Sure, on it's surface it's drama-filled crap. But the humor is my sort of humor, it loves breaking the fourth wall, and even the drama is amusing and moderately humorous if you don't take it seriously.

In the end, it's a pure guilty pleasure. For all the crap I gave my fan-girl roommate for loving it, I became a fan girl myself. C'est la vie.

Oh, and the manic depressive, man sized teddy bear, that attempts suicide? Still one of the greatest television bit characters ever.
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