HetHert Picture

Graphite drawing of the Wandering Goddess Hethert, more commonly known as Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Joy, Pleasure, and Patroness of Women.
I used a stock photo of an image of Rachel Brice I found on the internet to get the body proportions of a body in movement.

From [link]
"Name known from predynastic times, Hethert represents the feminine principle, as reflected in several of Her symbols: the cow, the mirror, and the ritual rattle or sistrum. Hethert is patroness of women, and professions given to Her priesthood include dancers, singers, actors and acrobats; even up to Greek times the arts were under Hethert's dominion. Hethert's temples, especially that at Ta-Netjer (Arabic Dendera) were centers for both healing (with a hospital/sanatorium on-site) and midwifery. "

Graphite on 11' x 14' Bristol.
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