Yuurei the Skelekitty // Reference Picture

After recent events I almost didn't want to post this, but here it is anyway. This is my new fursona that I've had designed for weeks but couldn't really get around to colouring due to being grounded.
I'll probably stick with this one. I really like their design. <3


General Information:

- Full Name: zacharee lynn hartman (do not call them this please)
- Public Nicknames: yuurei, yuu, yooray, rei, prince/princess yuurei
- Friends-Only Nicknames: zach, zakku, zakku-chan/kun, nii-chan, senpai, yuurei-chan/kun
- Age: 16 y.o.
- Gender: nanogirl/agender
- Biological Sex: female
- Preferred Pronouns: they/them/their
- Sexual/Romantic Orientation: panromantic grey-asexual
- Relationship Status: single (and looking)
- Spouse/Partner: N/A
- Date of Birth: january 26
- Zodiac: aquarius
- Myers/Briggs Type: INFP
- Kinsey Scale Score: X - non-sexual
- Birthplace: pennsylvania
- Current Residence: new york state
- Occupation(s): high school student (11th grade/Junior), amateur/hobbyist cartoon artist



- Blood Type: N/A (unknown)
- Nationality: american
- Ethnicity/Ancestry: german, native american, irish
- Height: 5'5"
- Weight: approx. 165 lbs
- Bodily Build: slim; small chested with wide-ish hips; pear shaped
- Eye Colour: pink
- Hair Colour: white; fades to pink at tips
- Skin Tone: pale
- Scars/Markings: scar on ankle from dog, scars on arms from cat, old self-harm scars



- General Attitude: friendly, can be grumpy, excitable, dumb sense of humour, easily put down/sensitive, sometimes anxious/nervous
- Life’s Aspirations: become a video game/graphic designer, create a video game with their own character designs/storyline/etc.
- Favorite Foods: cheesecake, Pocky, ice cream, cheese danishes, strawberries, cookie dough, macaroni and cheese, macarons, cakerolls
- Religion: atheistic satanism
- Likes: anime/manga, drawing, music, mogeko/deep-sea prisoner, anchors, the ocean, mythology, demon/angel lore, kagerou project, vocaloid, creepy stuff, pastel goth, tsundere and yandere characters, cute things, cherry blossoms, japanese culture, asian fashion, sweets
- Dislikes: boredom, art block, bugs, spiders, the dark, being tired, complete silence, homework
- Fears: arachnophobia (spiders), insectophobia (insects), phasmophobia (ghosts)



- Father: rob
- Mother: nita
- Sister(s): taylor (half-sister)
- Brother(s): rj, shannon (step-brother)
- Best Friend: cortnay
- Other Close Friends: ellie/lennie, nel, mexame, max, yuno, alfie, steph, paeton, salt-puppy, razzle, caitlin, nicole, chrissy, wink
- Pets: 3 dogs (ashley, steele, and boots), 2 fish (spot and stripe), 6 chickens (kido, kano, seto, mary, konoha, and ene), and a cat (fluffy nekohime)


- they love characters with black sclera
- their favourite animals are sharks, hedgehogs clouded leopards, "domestic" cats, and wolves
- their favourite anime include tokyo ghoul, bleach, noragami, and mekakucity actors
- they tend to swear a lot when they're upset, shocked, or angry, and occasionally do so at random points as well
- they don't really pay much attention to grammar/capitalization/puncuation unless they're in a bad mood
- it's really easy to intimidate them and/or make them feel like shit due to their anxiety
- they can wear anything shown here

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