Diana Prince civilian clothes Picture


Department of Metahuman Affairs Intervention and Neutralization, Superhuman contingency, Worldwide Operations Response Detachment (S.W.O.R.D.)
Name: Prince, Diana (no middle name), a.k.a. Dana Amir
Aliases: Classified, too many to list
Rank: Captain, US Army (resigned commission, 2003)
Specialty: Undercover operations, infiltration, disguise
Place of Birth: Queens, NYC

Brief history: Father’s family migrated from Antakya, Syria (now Turkey) in the early part of the 20th century. Changed family name from 'Amir' to 'Prince'. Mother is Afro-Cuban from Spanish Harlem. Family runs antiquities import-export business.

Graduated from New York Acting Academy, double majors in Linguistics and Theater, US Army ROTC scholar.
Advanced Intelligence Officers course, Ft. Huachuca, AZ ….
Joined DoD HUMINT Defense Acquisition and Exploitation Team as 'faceman' in ….

Proficient in Southern European and Middle Eastern/ East African languages and culture as well as unarmed combat. Excelled in field work and intelligence gathering missions which required her to go undercover as indigenous personnel, e.g. intelligence gathering missions in East Africa and Southern Europe. Resigned from DoD in 2003. Completed Masters in International Relations from Miskatonic University, Gotham before joining Waynecorp as bodyguard for Bruce Wayne.

Mistress of disguise, adept in using masks, bodysuits, voice alteration for impersonation. Gifted actor and linguist.

Uses strength-enhancing vambraces to simulate the mythological metahuman named Wonder Woman. A close friend and associate (admirer?) of Wonder Woman, she has closely studied and adopted her mannerisms, speech pattern and body language in order to better impersonate her. Agent Prince frequently impersonates Wonder Woman as an intimidation tactic against potential opponents if compromised, wearing a Wonder Woman skinsuit under whatever disguise she has on during the mission.

Point of concern: Agent Prince has very close relations with the metahuman community, which is both an asset and may prove a liability in future. She has demonstrably defended metahumans before. Can be classified as 'metahuman sympathizer'. Her anti-war political stance also marks her out as someone who may not always toe the official line.
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