13 Spooks: The Weeping Reaper Picture

Life isn't always easy. To be depressed, scared to go on, or just dissatisfied with everything is nothing out of the ordinary. While it was not always viewed as such, it has always been.

And like all things normal, someone, somewhere knows how to gain from it.

Don't bother looking us up. Even mythology has forgotten us. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say, mythology hasn't even managed to catch us.
For you see, we don't operate the way you do. We reveal ourself to our client, and no one else. For all you know, we might as well be a hallucination!
but don't get spooked. We're here to help!

For you see, life is like a movie. Sometimes you just don't have the stuff. Your actors are awful, you can't afford decent effects, and some asshole is breathing down your neck to be able to relate to all the bigots and assholes running around.
Sometimes, it just *doesn't work*. And that's okay. We know the feeling! Sometimes it just goes so wrong, you walk right off the set and never look back. No one can blame you!

That's where we come in. We know ALL too well what you're going through. We all went through it too! Each and every one of us. We're happy now though. Sure, we don't always agree.... sure, sometimes we argue... sure we can never get away from one another for the rest of eternity... and sure, sometimes SOMEONE highjacks our nervous system and hogs all three limbs to herself - not to name names (Janet). But we're SO much better off!

You might be scared. You might find us "weird", or "unusual", or "abhorrent", but that's normal. It's all normal. You take the bad with the good. But it's a human vice. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid when it looks like there's no reason to go on. Don't be afraid when you're all alone and we step in to help. Really think about our offer. And definitely don't be afraid when we eat you alive and assimilate you into our rapidly expanding web. Fear is normal, just like depression. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes we're it.

Remember, whatever you feel, however scared you are, we feel you!

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