Watching Minotaur Picture

Well, that's a movie I never going to see again.

The actors sucked, the lines sucked.
So why did I watch it?
Well, seeing I'm a big fan of mythology and monsters, I wanted to see the Minotaur.

I didn't really watch the complete movie. I was a bit zapping while the movie was busy and then I went back, to see if the Minotaur has entered yet.

The movie has its moments, but I stopped watching when the Minotaur appeared.
What the hell was that thing supposed to be? That was no Minotaur, but a cow zombie. Or zombie cow.
Sorry, but I'm very strict when it comes to mythology. A minotaur is a man with the head of a bull, not a walking corpse of a cow.
The Minotaur looked scary, but it didn't scare me.

And what's with the close-ups on it's ribs? They indeed looked like gills.
And I think they only put in people with English accents to look more epic-ish, seeing the best comes from the UK
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