Thor- but mostly Loki Picture

thor sketches with color (I AM PRACTICING TO BE BETTER MMKAY)

1. IDK, I wanted to draw a big cape.

2. (Lady Loki) Also just been wanting to draw her. God. I love hot women. Take almost any hot male character I love and genderswap him, and I like zie 20 times more.

3. More Eidolon fanart! Preteen Loki with his wolf pelt and his…whatever stones they were when Laufey was all ‘no real emeralds for joo!’. God I love this fic. ([link])

//hey, listen:

Everyone has this impression of Loki (based on movie Loki, I mean) that he’s this helpless, misunderstood outcast. But when I think of Loki, I also think of the stories I grew up with about trickster gods in general as well as Loki in particular, and, well. He’s a manipulative bastard. He’s very clever and he knows how to play people. And I guess he’s THAT good of a trickster that he’s got the audiences of the movie fooled, too.

But seriously, all applause to Hiddles for acting like somebody who was a really skillful actor himself.
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