No More Lies/Some Kind of Monster Picture

Loki's punishment

I love how tom Hiddleston portrays Loki so I used his face... i hope he doesn't mind. I drew him in jotunn form as I tought that since in The Avengers film he stayed in Aesir form his heritage must be humilitating for him and he would end up like this (ok. ok. I just like drawing strange-looking things) and since he got thrown into cave/cell (whatever) it's just natural his hair and facehair grown so don't bitch about it if you don't like it.

This drawing is my attempt at mixing Marvel films/comics universe with Norse mythology.

"They brought him to a cavern and they bound him with his sons inards to three sharp-pointed rocks. There they would have left him bound and helpless. But Skathi, who was of the fierce Giant brood, was not content that he should be left untormented. She found a serpent that had a deadly venom; she hung the serpent above Loki's head. The drops of venom fell upon him, bringing him anguish drop by drop, minute by minute. So Loki's torture went on.

Sigyn with the pitying heart came to his relief. She exiled herself from Asgard; she endured the darkness and the cold of the cavern that she might take away some of the torment from him who was her husband. Over Loki Sigyn stood, holding in her hands a shell into which fell the serpent's venom, thus sparing him from the full measure of anguish. But now and then Sigyn had to turn aside to spill out the flowing cup; then the drops of venom fell upon Loki, and he screamed in agony, twisting in his bonds. And in his bonds Loki stayed until Ragnarök came with the battle in which all things ended."

- (taken from other drawing's description)

Paint Tool Sai/Photoshop CS3

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