Multifandom dump HP-PJ-ETC Picture

HarryPotter and Percy Jackson Katara.

Okay, technically, the top is Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and James S. Potter (Plus Scorpius Malfoy pouting over to the side)
I figure since it's still the HarryPotter universe...same dealo right?

So the bottom is Percy Jackson *seaweedbrain*, Grover and Annabeth Chase
(then minipercy and minikatara. waterbending apparently.)
(It was kind of hard to choose between book/comic grover and movie grover. I liked his actor in the movie, and comic grover looks like shaggy. ..i went with the more canon version but yeeah)

(anyone else notice that its a person with black hair and green eyes dating someone with blonde hair and gray eyes?..........I say nothing else.)

i should have just thrown in some artemis fowl to complete the magic/mythology teen series trio
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