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This review contains no useful information, almost like it's a joke.

Other fan-tastic Avenger movie reviews.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Toby Jones, who played the Dream Lord is in there.

That's cool.

Oh look he's wearing the same costume.


Pros: Best musical number
Cons: Captain America doesn't punch Hitler. He punches an actor Hitler.

Bonus: DRUGS!

The Incredible Hulk 2008

We've sent a number of Agents to capture Bruce Banner.
I don't think he's gonna like that, I think he's gonna get real mad.

Pros: Purple goes good with green
Cons: The audience was probably drinking soda while watching this.


Iron Man

Turns out you don't need to have your parents be killed to become a kick-ass superhero.
You just have to be taken hostage and shot.

Pros: Robert Downey Jr.
Cons: Pepper Potts doesn't knee him in the crotch.



About halfway through you're going to seriously wonder about Odin and Frigga's married life.
Odin: BTW, I have this baby, Thor from my first marriage. Raise him as your own.
Frigga: ....o.k
*One week later*
Odin: My dead Dad told me to abduct this infant, Loki. Raise him as your own.
Frigga: ......alright.
*One week later*
Odin: I think we should have some more babies together, you know in case of Ragnarok.
Frigga: Fine but we're locking those ones in the cupboard under the stairs till we need them.

Pros: LOL Thor gets run over a lot.
Cons: Kids are going to fail their Norse mythology exam.


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