movie mahisasurmardini Picture

yooohooo!! Finally we finished it, the trailer of the movie we are making.(me and my brother)Though more than half of the movie is still left to finish.
took us two years or something to do this.
the story is based on the fight between two demons and lord vishnu(Narayana).Its from MARKANDYA PURAN-a religious book from hindu mythology
The video is a bit chunky and the music sucks(this happens when you dont practice music for few years).could'nt afford a voice actor to do the voice overs booohoohoohoo!!
Check out for the bigger version in you tube -- [link]

Hope you like it!!(sorry for the crappy english)
Please do not copy or redistribute!!(c)
EDIT-- wonder if any company in India would like to hire us to finish this movie,right now we are just a 2man team with no voice actors!
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