Wrong Thor Picture

Back in November I became a massive fan of Thor thanks to the sequel (or third film if you count the Avengers as a sequel) I blame Tom Hiddleston. I don't know why I didn't become a fan when Thor first came out, it wasn't until after seeing The Avengers that I fell in love with the franchise (who hasn't?) and then realizing what a damn good actor Tom Hiddleston is (yes, I have become a Hiddlestoner). Plus since Thor is based off of Norse Mythology and for those of you who follow me know of my fascination for Greek Mythology it was an added bonus for me to like Thor even more. Anywho, one of my favorite scenes from Thor The Dark World was when we get to see Loki's shapeshifting ability, so funny plus a cameo by a certain Avenger = AWESOME! And I also loved the scene where Jane Foster meets Loki for the first time. So I decided to make this funny little comic, enjoy!
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