I thought you like tricks? Picture

So after watching Thor The Dark World three times (ok now I watched it five times) I decided to draw them once again. (Don't judge me ok? I've got feels) And yeahhh I met them at the Premiere in Berlin!
TDW is definitive my favourite MCU movie now! Fuck yeah!
For everyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, it's amazing, you won't be diappointed! Get your ass to the next cinemar as soon as possible.
Thor and Loki got quite a lot scenes together (finally!) which are also incredibly amazing because Chris and Tom are such astonishing talented actors.
Seriously the feels in this movie are beyond feels and this is official no spoiler anymore.
Thanks so much to both of them and all the other actors and people who worked on the movie! It turned out so wonderful.
Sure I've got some smaller complains but minding the huge audience it's understandable.
Like almost every Marvel movie this one leaves you craving for a sequel and luckily Thor 3 is already confirmed!
I feel like my fingers are itching and I have to draw soon some more stuff from TDW help

Hope you like it! Thanks for comments and faves!

Art (c) me
Thor and Loki (c) norse mythology and Stan Lee and Marvel
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