Son of Jotunheim Picture

Okay guys, THIS was supposed to be just a speedpaint. Just something quick to have fun with. Nothing meaningful.

WELL. *David Tennant's face*

I really don't want to count the hours I spent on it. I've been trying out some techniques, which I hadn't used for a long time. And come oooon. It's Loki, our king! :'3

I guess, I together with my friend were the last people on the internet, who haven't seen Thor yet. I'd loved the pictures with the mister over here before I've finally seen the film. The film that made us laugh almost the whole time while we were watching it. XDHowever, seeing him actually in action... I would kneel for him anytime! ;___; I guess I never thought of something like that, when I used to read books about Norse mythology as a kid. :'D I've always had a think for the good guys. :'D

Of course, I should have been doing the final work for my school, but ... yes. Now. And tomorrow.

Funny fact. The bloody weather! I will never EVER draw a norse god again! When I was drawing this this afternoon... It. Bloody. Started. To. SNOW.

... I hope it looks at least a bit like Mr. Hiddleston, who is the new real god for me. *puts him on the shelf next to her other favourite actors* :'3
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