Loki Picture

Loki - God of the Norse Mythology

I have to admit that the best Loki performance is that from Tom Hiddleston. Plus, he has far the best costume^^. In search of a "adequate" Loki reference I soon was sure, that it should be him. Usually i don't draw actors or the embodiment of an actors role. In this case I am just a fan of the books "Die Chronik der Unsterblichen", where the author combined fiction with Norse Mythology, in this case Loki and Odin. Odin is still in progress.
This is a scene of book 10 during the showdown naval action and the final battle between Loki and the Immortals, meanwhile the EL CID is an towering inferno.
So Loki is going to be my next personal cover for book 10, hehe.

© Original Character by Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Pictures
© Artistic depiction by me

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