The Hunt Picture

So, I drew this up during school one day because we're working on this mythology project in Social Studies and what we had to do was get picked into groups and then we had to read a Roman Story then we had to make a WMM project presenting it as a movie kind of thing (meaning we had images to show one part, live action to show another, clay animation to show another and so on) and one of my jobs was to draw a picture of then Actaeon was turning into a deer just before getting attacked by his own dogs (because he and his buddies were out hunting and he got turned into a deer because we stumbled upon the Goddess Artemis, bathing XD) So when I was done with that, I scanned it then colored it with my new program "Paint Tool SAI" and here we have this. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Hope you enjoy it ^ ^

Art (c)
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