Girl - Seeking - Girl, Page 15 Picture

^_^ YAY! It's more fun now!!! RAR!!! ^_^ So, I have fun, yes? ^_^ I kinda like how GSG and GA both start with human character designs, only to change. Oh, quit your whining, there's no spoilers there for GA that aren't in my gallery. Blah, I'm lazy for the making links. I have to type more when I do that. Soooo...right. ^_^ Acteon's a deer, isn't that funny! ^_^ I'm totally gonna be making a "eaten by a doggy" joke somewhere. Hmm...^_^ Yay Hellsing rips and Greco-Roman mythology! For anyone who doesn't get the mythological reference (GET OUT.), ^_^ Acteon (or Actaeon as Firefox's spell check wants from me) was a hunter who ended up peeping on Artemis/Diana, the virgin goddess, as she bathed. ^_^ So she turned him into a deer and set his own doggies on him. ^_^ Yay! His flesh was rent apart and devoured by his own puppies! ^_^ I love mythology. Um...not story for why Hika's a catgirl...not really. Though I was initially trying to make her not a cat, since it's such a standard...but ultimately it fit her where nothing else really did. So rar I say!

What else...? More of my bad inking, and Acteon's antlers are just horrible...I kept meaning to get a reference, but didn't, then just wanted to get this strip done. Blah...after this we switch to marker shading by me, which looks a bit smoother, and which I'm a tad better at. Mmmyep.

Hmm...I hope people get the "We're Back!" joke. ^_^;; Heh, I never even saw that movie, it's just what pops into my head when people say "We're back!"

As always, the date on the comic is the date I finished it, not the date posted.
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