PERSEUS - 4. The King's Rage Picture

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The King's Rage

Almost four years had passed, when one day Acrisius heard a childish voice coming from his daughter’s room. Immediately, he rushed in, only to discover young Perseus playing joyfully. Enraged, the king decided there can be only one punishment for this deception. He sealed Perseus and Danae in a wooden casket and abandoned them deep in the Aegean Sea, letting the gods decide their fate. The sky became dark and the winds were blowing furiously. The waves kept bashing the hopeless casket, but somehow it didn’t sink. Eventually, the sea brought the casket to a small island in the Cyclades, Serifos.

There, a fisherman named Dictys, spotted the strange object in the sea. He cast his net and with the help of his fellows, he brought the casket to the shore. He saved them from a horrible end; little did he know however, what cruel fate the world had truly in store for this family.

—Creative Translation by Stergios Souftas
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