Hector Picture

Maybe you know who's the Character of Hector in greek Mythology, from the orrible movie by Wolfgang Petersen. The Character was played by Eric Bana (also known as Hulk). Hector is the most sensitive character of the Iliades, Omer's epic Poem. He's the strongest man of Troy, so he have to fight with Achilles (that is the strongest warrior of the Greece Army). Well at the beginning of the poem, Achilles leave his army because he's angry with Agamennone, Greece's captain. So his lover, Patroclo, takes his armour and his shield, and goes to fight pretending to be Achilles, Hector thinks that he is and kills him. Achilles comes back to the fight and wants to kill Hector. Hector's got a wonderful wife and a little child. There are some touchy 'scenes' of Hector and his wife, and Hector and his baby.
Obviously, Achilles kills him.
Well, I'm so sorry for my horrible english!
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