The Path of Punishment Picture

The further of my contribution to
The original can be found here:

This was done in three seperate stages, the primary character, the surrounding characters, and the back ground. All of these were grafted together in photoshop to create the full picture you see here. I felt that the original drawing was a good design, and the pose just demanded he be doing something. So I gave him seomthing to do... and army.
I still think there's something about Castillius' face and hair that look like Frazetta himself... taken to his own gritty, Conan extremes. I'm thinking of posting a process piece, where you can see the three stages side by side. I think that would be really spiffy. I'm also considering reusing the core pose and doing another over drawing to see what other pictures I can come up with based on the same pose. It's an interesting thought, that's for sure. I had a blast doing this, took me three or four days. Plenty o-mistakes. If you can spot them good for you, so can I. Just because I've worked on it for three days doesn't mean I've had my nose buried in it for that long.
And, no it's not in fanart because it isn't The Punisher. It's inspired by, how about that?
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