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Time is never kind. Word of mouth bends the truth, and the human hand writes from the perspective of the writer. Truth becomes a lie.

Moments can become legends, nursery rhymes become epics, and whole beliefs of a nation can become a mere mythology of fairytales and bedtime stories.

The whole ideology of Greek mythology seems too farfetched to even be near any kind of truth. But, despite this, the religion of the ancient Greeks is so grand, it is what the civilization is best known for.

But this story is not about the history of the Greeks, or about Greek mythology in general.

Though the gods were respected and adored by their followers, they did not personify goodness and perfection like other idols, and is what makes their story unique. They were envious, wrathful, lustful, and had exemplified every immorality known to mankind. And even after their impact slowly faded away into nothing more than a brief mention in history, they still continue to do so.

Take for example the god Hades.

Not a popular god, little is known about the Lord of the Underworld. What is known of him, like is abduction of Persephone, was not his greatest feat. Even gods keep their secrets.

There are tales of him having numerous affairs with other women, but one was different from all the rest.

Hades had wanted an apprentice to his underworld kingdom, a son to become heir to the throne. His wife, Persephone, out of contempt for her selfish husband, refused his wishes.

Enraged, the lord of the dead disappeared, and was said to have wandered the earth for an entire year, searching for the perfect woman to bear his seed. Hades came upon a nymph, who offered herself to him and carried his first born.

However, the nymph gave birth to a girl, and the lord disposed of both the mother and child, locking them in Tartarus, never again to see the light of day.

But, as was said before, word of mouth bends the truth.

The Mother and child were not disposed of, not completely.

And more importantly, the woman was not a nymph.

… She was human.
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