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the story goes like this: agamemnon and achilles both are greek heroes (half-gods) fighting on the side of the acheans against the troyans. they raid their cities and steal their women. agamemnon chose a nice one for himself but, alas, she is the daughter of something like a priest. so the gods give the acheans a hard time. when agamemnon asks a wise man why, he is told that he should set the priest's daughter free. reluctantly he does, also because achilles tells him he has to because he'd have to think about the people's well-being first. so agamemnon lets her go but at the same time chooses the woman achilles had stolen for himself as a compensation.
so achilles sees briseide go and is very sad. he is sitting at the ocean's shore, crying, when his mother's spirit appears.
the text fragments in english:
achilles: he saw them go, achilles. so he went and sat down alone at the ocean's white surf and started crying, in front of him this infinite vastness
his soul was full of rage for the injustice he had to endure. and his heart was tormented by yearning
briseide: the two guardians started to walk up the path to the fast ships of the acheans which were pulled up to the beach. behind them briseide was walking. beautiful - she walked - and sad, with a heavy heart
the spirit: your life will be short, so if at least you could lead it without tears, without pain
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