OCS - Sailor Thetis Picture

Number eight~!

Okay so... Thetis isn't technically a Goddess. *coughs* But I didn't wanna have Sailor Posiden. It sounded lame! >_<

In mythology, this is how Thetis is referred to: as a sea nymph, one of 50 Nereids referred to in Greek Mythology. It is also a belief among some that she was the mother of Achilles and was one of the earliest worshipped deities in Archaic Greece.
So technically she was worshipped like a Goddess.

Sailor Thetis
Real Name: Scarlett Owens
Age: 18
Power: Water
Weapon: Trident
Attacks: Aqua Submerge (spins trident creating a wall of water which is fired at her attacker(s))
Maelstrom (throws trident at her attacker, impaling the ground and creating a whirling vortex beneath them. This is rarely used cause it can't be controlled very well)
Transformation Command: Thetis Ancient Power - Make Up!

One more to go! *dance*

Edit: Found a way to brighten the colours
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