Thetis Picture

My finished and painted design of the goddess Thetis. Used acrylics for this one
Hope you like ^_^
Thetis-one of the lesser goddesses in greek mythology, mostly seen as a sea nymth or as a goddess of water.
Thetis was 1 of 50 nereids, daughters of the sea god Nereus and the oceanid Doris, and grandaughter to the titaness and aquatic sea goddess Tethys
In other tales, Thetis was married to the mortal Peleus. As Zeus had recieved a prophecy that Thetis' son would become greater than his father, like Zeus had dethroned his own father. Zeus and Poseidon made arrangements to ensure Thetis' eventual offspring would be fathered by a mortal man.
Thetis did eventually bare Peleus a son to which they gave the name Achilles. Mother to Achilles Thetis played a huge part in the legend of Achilles' partial immorality (Achilles heel)
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