Phantomb Unarmored Picture

This is part two of the first bit of concept art for my third saga story, Basil's saga (which may soon be alternatively titled "a teenager's saga). Woot woot.

The plot of Basil's Saga follows four teenagers whose four years in high school are heavily affected by supernatural occurences: Basil, the main main character, discovers he has been chosen to be the "Deus Ex Machina," a sentient being who is destined to fight for creation at a battle that precedes the start of the apocalypse; Rick is an antisocial computer geek who is possessed by the spirit of a dead ogre and becomes a necromancer; Amy is a somewhat tomboyish (but not the excessive kind in today's media) girl who is bitten by a werewolf; and Roger is the only normal one of the bunch who nonetheless must survive some activity that rivals the Hellmouth of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame (a show which this story will often draw from).

Basil, as the Deus Ex Machina, has any power he can think of. However, unlike Superman, Basil A. doesn't know how to control his powers, B. doesn't know how to use them, and C. doesn't have a flawless moral compass. He also has a lot of teenager issues, like Spiderman (Basil is sort of a mix of Spidey and Achilles in my mind), which brings us to our villain here.

Since Basil is a superhero, he needs good supervillains. Each of the main foes he faces represents (in my mind) a particular obstacle teens face. Phantomb, the demon shown here, represents the inner turmoil and conflicting emotions/thoughts/ideas/urges that teens face.

Phantomb's story: when concieved in what some have called Hell, Phantomb was originally going to be the first "channeling" demon: he would have the ability to summon spirits out both afterlives and the physical world. This would bolster the ranks of demons far beyond imagining, as they could steal pure souls and feed on them to increase their numbers astronomically. The angels, servants of the creation god (remember, in the mythology of my stories there are two gods: Creation and Destruction), believed that this could threaten their creator. While the god did not fear for his own life, he did fear for the safety of his children, and sent the best angel of death to alter the demon.

This angel, named Thanatos, fused the baby Phantomb with another demon, giving it enough spiritual energy to form a soul; a fractured, twisted soul, but a soul nonetheless. Its spiritual form was so hard to keep up that it lost the ability to channel spirits, and thus Phantomb, the Yin Yang demon, was born as the biggest disappointment in demon history.

Phantomb's fractured soul resulted in acute schizophrenia: his two personalities represented extreme good and extreme evil and, as one would expect, were constantly at odds in his decision making. This made Phantomb's existence miserable, as he was too good to be even a mediocre demon and too bad to ascend out of hell.

Then one day a meek, pathetically weak demon named Minion told Phantomb he knew how to escape Hell and enter the material world, where souls had flesh and blood bodies. Minion had often escaped to this world but was always sent back as he was too weak to defend himself. Intrigued by this concept of a world where evil and good were as mixed as himself, he agreed to protect the tiny demon should it release him from Hell. Thus Phantomb was brought to earth with one dream, redemption, and several incredibly opposite ways to get it.

Phantomb, like all demons, has no true physical form, as he was born as a body-less demon spirit. However, he was able to conjur a physical image through the thoughts and memories of sentient souls tortued in Hell, making them tangible when he was materialized on earth. All demons and angels must do this when taking tangible form. When viewed in astral form (such as in Heaven, Hell, or the dreams of organisms) their body may resemble their physical form, but it is not always an exact copy.

This drawing shows Phantomb without most of his armor (all that stayed were his greives (wrist armor, minus the brass knuckles) and crotch plate), as well as his secondary weapons: Act of the Wicked and Act of the Righteous. AotW, the black bladed sword, damages Phantomb's foes while restoring his stamina and health. AotR, the white bladed sword, does the opposite: it heals those he strikes and slowly drains his strength. Phantomb strips off his armor only once in a blue moon, but he uses his swords often, if not as much as his spears.
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