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... This page almost killed me.... litterally.
And I still hate Paint.... but I almost hate my scanner more.
The page looks different irl, I promise you. Damn, I need to learn ps! D'8
And this is not the real ending, but it could be. I don´t want him to die either so this is just a "could have been like this"- comicpage.

Okay, maybe some explanation.
Zen is one of my oldest roleplay characters. I missed him so much that I decided to draw some drawings of him. Then I also decided to draw this li´l comic.
Zen is just 12 actually... so I think this comic represents him some years later. The girl Matsuo, wich is my friend´s roleplay character, loves him very much but just in a sisterly love. She already has a boyfriend, lawl, wich I´m veeery ashamed of.. He´s such a weak wimp. Kinda dislike him... very much...


Zen has a terrible curse on him, wich is the main reason why everyone hates him and wants to kill him. He transforms into a big "monster" (wich we would call a werewolf, but he looks a little different from that).
But anyway. When he transforms to the monster by the moon, he kills everyone in his way. It doesn´t matter if it´s family or friends, he can´t recognize them in his transformal self. His race can just transform into wolfs, that´s also why he´s been so excluded.
He´s mostly known as the one who "killed his own race", wich is the main reason why his race is under threat of extermination.
But he´s not the only one with the curse. He got his older brother Yamato, who isn´t as powerful as Zen in his transform but he has a cold heart. He doesn´t care about the ones he kill, unlike Zen. They are huge opposites to each other. Yamato also hates Zen more than anyone.


Okay, enough. You probably yawned by reading it, if you actually read it.
It´s a lot of history behind those brothers and the roleplay. It would take years to explain it all x'D
So I leave the information here.

Um... about the comic then.
It´s very difficult to kill Zen, don´t make me explain why, but he has a weak point and that is when he is back to his original self and if you hit him in the back, like Achilles with the heel in the greek mythology.
Zen also find this man who kills him as his savior because he has longed to die for so long, just because of this stupid curse. And that is why he says 'Thank you'.
Matsuo knows the secret about his weak point by now and that is why she knows so well that he´s dying.

Argh! I shall stop, it´s already too much text D: I´m sorry to bother you who actually, maybe, read through the text.

And please don´t give me critics, I´ve already critizised it myself and I see every mistake I´ve made in it D:
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