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Birthmother is the guardian deity of the Amber Forest, as well as its creator ages ago. She cares for the trees and keeps the forest healthy, as well as maintain the natural order in the golden woods. It is said that she waters the trees with water from the Higher's baths and fountains, giving the forest its luscious golden glow.

Birthmother was initially born as a Man (a.k.a. "humans" in my story) a very long time ago. She's always loved plantlife, tending to wilted plants and helping her family with field work since she was very young. Many of the people claimed that she was as much an artist with her plants as she was a gardener, as every plant, tree, and shrub she tended to was filled with vitality and color.

One fateful day, a cloud of ash blew over her village from out of nowhere (most likely from Orcus, the King of Hellfires) and killed off most of the plantlife, leaving nothing but soot-covered land and dead greenery. Birthmother was utterly devastated. However, she did not stop trying to grow her plants. But because the ground was contaminated with ugly soot and toxic ashes, no plantlife could live to sprout its roots and grow.

Days later, a heavy rain came down and washed away all of the black soil, thus returning the village to a somewhat cleaner state, and Birthmother was able to return to her planting. She believed the rain came thanks to the Higher gods, and she thanked them with all of her heart. The Higher gods, who saw how much she loved plants and keeping them green and healthy, blessed her and made her into a sort of demi-god of Man. Birthmother was now an immortal being whose sole purpose was to watch over the plants and trees of the land. Because she was blessed by the Higher gods' magic, she began to acquire traits similar to that of the Higher, most notably the fact that she's sprouted many wings, which allow her to fly, and the ability to use magic without restrictions.

With her new abilities and power, she devoted her life to creating the best garden in the world, one that would not be so easily destroyed by contamination. Over the course of many hundred decades, this garden eventually grew into the Amber Forest, with its giant trees that twist and contort to weird shapes, blossoming flowers of all different colors, and of course, its golden radiance.

Birthmother was at the age of 17 upon gaining immortality via the Higher gods, as such is the reason behind her young appearance. She has bleach-blonde-colored hair styled to an extreme sense, with spiraling tips and a pony-tail that reaches her knees. In her hair, she dons a unique-looking feather that shimmers with gold light, and sports various decorations that resemble feathers on the back of her head. She wears a sort of royal gown of unknown origin, but the drape on the front bears Higher markings, as well as the mark of Benevolence. She also wears a scarf that wraps around her arms, leaving her shoulders exposed. Birthmother's most striking attribute is the fact that she has sprouted numerous wings quite literally all over her body. Her largest pair of wings grow from behind her, and behind those wings sprout two smaller wings. She also has a small pair of wings that jut out to the sides from her rear-shoulder area, but these are really less for function and more for aesthetics. Birthmother even has a wing growing from each ankle, similar to Achilles from Greek mythology. The long gloves she wears also adorns feathers.

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