KAS Hydra Picture

IMPORTANT EDIT: Hydra’s gender has been retconned from male to female. See the artist’s comments below for more details.

Name: Hydra
Faction(s): Tyrant Squad, Echidna's Brood
Alignment: Neutral Good
Kaiju Rank: 6

Height: Usually holds heads 80 meters high
Length: 400 meters long
Weight: 80,000 tons

Neurotoxin: The fangs in Hydra’s cobra head sport a venomous cocktail of various neurotoxins. This venom attacks the nervous system, cause paralysis and, with a high enough dose, death. When injecting the maximum amount of venom, Hydra’s neurotoxin can stun a rank 6 kaiju for ten minutes, a rank 5 for half an hour, a rank 4 for three hours, a rank 3 for 12 hours, and kill anything smaller than that. The cobra head can also spit this venom to blind her foes.
Hemotoxin: Hydra’s rattlesnake heads can inject hemotoxic venom. This venom stops blood clotting, destroys red blood cells, and kills tissue, making wounds incredibly hard to heal.
Burrowing: Hydra can burrow incredibly fast.
Seven Heads Are Better Than One: Hydra has seven heads, each of which has a separate brain. These brains are connected, forming a sort of hivemind: seven independent minds all feeding into each other to make one super mind. In addition to making the creature incredibily intelligent, Hydra can also see, smell, hear, and sense heat from seven different directions at once, giving him incredibly sensory input as well.

Cumbersome: While strong, swift, and intelligent, Hydra is nonetheless weighed down by her massive body. Cities in particular are the bane of the serpent’s existence, as its gargantuan body has a lot of trouble navigating the claustrophobically narrow and tight city streets without bringing down all the buildings upon the serpent itself. Hydra is therefore restricted to open terrain.
Limited Venom Supply: Hydra’s three venomous heads have an extremely limited amount of venom that, when drained, takes weeks to regenerate.
Top Heavy: Hydra’s main weapons are all stored on her front end. This means that any opponent that can evade her seven heads will have a much easier time of fighting the massive serpent.
Achilles Head: Hydra’s central head holds control of the other six’s nervous systems. While this means it keeps the hive mind in check, this also means the central head is Hydra’s biggest weak spot, as any damage to it will automatically affect the other six heads. If the center head dies, the entire hydra will die as well.

Personality: Hydra is a contemplative creature. The multi-headed serpent observes everything around it with keen interest, making a note of how things fit into place. Her cool and calculating nature is generally unnerving, as almost all creatures who fall under the serpent’s gaze recognize that she is sussing out their weaknesses.
While Hydra is generally icy towards others, she is never outright hostile unless threatened. In fact, beneath the cold exterior the serpent presents lies a rather valiant heart. Hydra does not like to see other creatures unnecessarily victimized, and will always come to the aid of creatures it judges as innocent. Hydra is a loyal ally to those she deems worthy of her respect, and will even show affection on rare occasions.
Hydra is a precise and powerful fighter. While she doesn’t relish combat, she is incredibly good at it. The reptile tries to keep her fights as short as possible, exploiting her opponent’s weak points with as few well placed hits to end combat in a timely and efficient manner. While intelligent and precises, Hydra’s lack of interest in combat keeps him from truly flourishing at it, as she often lacks the creative flair of other intelligent fighting kaiju.

History: With the recent partial resurfacing of Atlantis, the scientific community was all a flutter. Even in the terror filled atmosphere of this new age of kaiju, few people could resist the allure of the sudden reappearance of the most legendary lost civilization. While it was true kaiju had been linked to discoveries like this already, fear of a monster attack was remarkably low. After all, Hyperborea had revealed the presence of one of the most benevolent kaiju known, Tamotahn. True, the Spinnyeggehrs weren’t exactly benevolent, and Tatgoon was a true horror, but so far hopes were high that if any kaiju were encountered in Atlantis, they would be benevolent.
Hydra met those hopes.
Sealed within a giant jar, Hydra’s tomb bore an inscription reading “Hydra: Queen of Serpents, the Seven Headed Guardian, First Daughter of Typhon.” In addition to furthering the linguistic theories of Atlantean being related to Greek in the Proto-Indo-European language family, this discovery was also welcome as a sign that there was another benevolent kaiju in the world. Hydra’s tomb was quickly hauled out of the sunken ruins and brought to land.
The tomb was brought to Tamotahn’s current lair in the Rocky Mountains. It was believed that the two benevolent kaiju would hit it off. Both were guardians of ancient civilizations that died out millennia ago – civilizations that shared a common language and incredibly advanced technology. Surely they would recognize each other as allies, perhaps revealing some more about their shared mysterious origins.
However, the minute the multi-headed serpent slithered out of her tomb, there was a marked change in Tamotahn’s body language. The golem was not acting like his usual calm self. It immediately rose to its feet, released a horrific shriek, and charged after Hydra with a kind of ferocity hitherto unseen. For the first time since it had been exhumed from Hyperborea, Tamotahn look pissed.
Hydra responded with a similar ferocity, and soon the two titans were clashing viciously. Tamotahn threw boulder after boulder at the serpent, who artfully dodged them while at the same time whipping and thrashing her tail at the stone colossus. Soon the noise from their battle carried on for miles and miles, drawing the attention of all within a twenty mile radius. This included Tyrantis and Kemlasulla, who had just been having another dule only a few miles away. Soon it was a four monster fray, with Tyrantis and Kemlasulla teaming up to fight both of the dueling guardians. Eventually Tamotahn was drained of energy, dropping with a thundering crash. Hydra quickly paralyzed both Tyrantis and Kemlasulla after this happened, then slithered far away from the scene.
The battle made one thing clear: Atlantis and Hyperborea had not ended on good terms with each other. It also showed there was a marked difference in how the two nations made monsters. Atlantis seemed to favor genetic engineering, whereas Hyperborea was more enamored with mechanical defenders. If one truly wanted to theorize, the monster Tatgoon may well have been sent to Hyperborea on Atlantean orders. Had the Atlanteans built that horror, or else summoned it from some alien world? Something big was afoot, and now the feelings of dread caused by the kaiju had finally taken hold of the lost civilizations.
Despite her rocky introduction to the outside world, Hydra was eventually embraced as one of the “good” kaiju in world, being given a sort of protection by the military. The only stipulation was that they had to make damn sure he never crossed paths with Tamotahn agin. Despite this, the serpent would cross paths with Tyrantis and Kemlasulla several more times, even forming a friendship with the former after one particularly rocky encounter…
Important Dates: August 21, 20X0: Hydra is unearthed and brought to the Rocky Mountains. The multi-headed serpent fights Tamotahn, Tyrantis, and Kemlasulla, outlasting all three and leaving the battlefield. All four kaiju eventually recover from the conflict.


Okay, I changed Hydra’s gender to make him (err, her) more like the mythological Lernaen Hydra – who was female. This is because I have some plans for some other Greek mythology based monsters, and I want to have a bit of consistency with the myths themselves. I’ve always toyed with the idea of making her female anyway.

KAS Hydra's design has a bit of history behind it. This is essentially Hydra's original color scheme from when I first came up with him - back when I was six years old. The spikes along his sides are also from his first design, as is the face on his hood. Of these features, only the face on his hood and the colors of his rattler and python heads remained in later incarnations, only to be fazed out around the time I started high school. I think my train of thought was that the genetic engineers who made hydra wouldn't be quite so flamboyant as to make him brightly colored and give him a neck face. However, given Hydra's more fantasy aligned origin in KAS, I felt giving him his old color scheme might be a bit more warranted.

Like Tyrantis, I wanted to keep the core of Hydra's character in tact while changing all the sources of it around. Hydra's still a guardian with a hidden heart of gold that's determined to protect humans and others.

I'm mulling over the idea of making Hydra some relatives of sorts... but that's a possible story arc for a later date.
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