COTT -- He's Immune Picture

Even though you have to be familiar with 'Class of the Titans' to get the joke, my joke skills suck enough that I'm pretty sure even fans won't get it unless I provide background information and an explanation.

In the 'Little Box of Horrors' episode, we find-out that Archie is immune to biohazardous lovelies like illness and disease because he's descended from Achilles (let's not get into debate on whether that actually complies with traditional mythology). On either a message board or the reviews to someone's fanfic, a fan mentioned that in terms of future occupations for the kids, it would kind of make sense for Archie to work as someone handling biohazardous materials or situations.

Thus, this bad joke of Archie being totally unaffected in an otherwise dangerous situation was born, though not until about a good year later.

I was experimenting with a more cartoon-like style here -- best part about it is that hands are easier to draw, but even so, the woman in the biohazard suit's fingers are detached from her hand. The speech bubble looks stupid, and I'm not too fond of the background, which was done with a gradient with smeared white on top. The original drawing also had a second guy in a biohazard suit going 'ZOMG!!' behind Archie, but he was even more poorly drawn and threw-off the layout, so I erased him.

Archie (c) Studio B, Nelvana, and Teletoon. Biohazard suit lady technically belongs to me, but I used Google Images to find a costume to base her off of.
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