Caldera Picture

Caldera is another character in Tremere's saga. In the Temple of Greek Heroes and Gods on Athena's island, Caldera was a suit of enchanted armor built by the fish men that were once prosperous on the island.

A dhampire (in my mythology, a dhampire is the offspring of two "purebred" vampires, who are themselves the offspring of a union between a human and demon, giving them a 25% chance of producing a human baby when playing pelvic penuckle. A dhampir is similar, but weaker: it's the offspring of a human and vampire of any type) who also happened to be a vampire hunter traveled to this island in hopes of finding the impenatrable armor of Achilles. He mistook this armor for that armor, and put it on.

To his horror, his flesh caught fire when he put it on as his arms and legs were broken to fit the inhuman curves and proportions of the armor. Eventually there was nothing left of his body, leaving his soul trapped within living flame. Caldera was born.

I won't give too much away, but Caldera becomes a major villain in the end of Tremere's saga.
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