Eris Party Pooper Picture

Eris Party Pooper

Eris, Greek goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry was with her disagreeable nature the constant spoilsport and trouble maker. You couldn't even begin to count how many parties she had ruined by pitching the guests at each other.

So when Peleus and Thetis (parents of Achilles) were getting married, they invited all of the gods and goddesses to their big fat Greek wedding. All of them save for Eris, something she was perfectly fine with – not! Thus she manufactured a magic golden apple, imprinted on it To the fairest and sneaked away to the party hall, pulled one of the doors open and threw it inside. And of course all of the goddesses started to fight over the apple and thus Eris ruined yet another party. (And started the Trojan war, but that's another story.)

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I was sort of inspired by this picture while making her
[link] - the outfit, the hair, the general body language, although I made her quite a bit more pissed off.


Stock for matfile for Eris' skirt courtecy of
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