Goodbye Mr. Sanity Picture


This is the ninth piece in my concentration, which is all about illustrating scenes from the Iliad and incorporating modern elements into them to show the basic unchanging nature of humanity. Or something. I've strayed pretty far from literal interpretation—this was loosely based on Achilles' blind anger/quest for vengeance after Patroclus' death. Very, very, very loosely

Had a lot fun doing this, but I'm so sick of painting angry, depressing pictures. Homer wasn't so big on group hugs though, so I'll have to dredge my soul for at least three more death-and-doom pictures. Maybe I should listen to something more serious when I work; P.G Wodehouse audio-CDs aren't very conductive to angst.

On the other hand, if I didn't listen Wooster stories while I painted I might go crazy—I have a low angst tolerance, and this series is pushing it. When the next three pics are done I'm painting nothing but fluffy bunny rabbits 'till school starts.
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