Ow Picture

Acrylic and colored pencils

You think this is scary? I had to sleep with it in my room.

Anyways—second piece in my concentration. Basically I'm combining modern elements into the story of the Iliad. The part I was illustrating here was Athena swooping down from the clouds to pull (yes, literally pull) Achilles' hair to stop him from killing Agamemnon. This is the section I was working from:

“Just as in anguish the suspense he stay'd,
While half unsheathed appear'd the glittering blade,
Minerva swift descended from above,
sent by the sister and the wife of Jove
(For both the princes claim'd her equal care);
Behind she stood, and by the golden hair
Achilles seized; to him alone confessed;
A sable cloud concealed her from the rest.” (Book I)

I took some serious artistic liberties, but the hair pulling is still there. I used stock from wookiestock: [link] , if you haven't seen his stock check it out.
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