No it won't Achilles Picture

Unknown to most people there were actually two decent centaurs who were quite intelligent and everything. Both of whom were teachers of Achilles. there is of course the well known Chiron and the not so well known Adius. Adius taught Achilles first however he met his ends when Achilles, mistaking centaurs for hydras chopped off Adius's head during training. And thus Adius's knowledge was lost to the world, unfortunetly that included the knowledge of why we exist and the cure for AIDs.

if you couldn't tell form either knowledge or my lovely story, Adius is just a creature of my imagination. This drawing was inspired by a face book quiz that i took. basicly when i take quizes i like to imagine what life would be like if the wrong answer was the right answer. So one of the questions was "what mythological creature grows it's heads back when you chop them off" and one of the obviously wrong answers was "Centaurs" and the resulting image made me giggle.

So anyway i needed someone who interacts civilly with a centaur so of course the answer is Achilles. and it also solves another of my problems, i can easily make Achilles assume that centaurs heads grow back, because honestly if you were pretty much invulnerable you wouldn't have to be that smart nor would you have much concern over petty injuries like a blow to the neck.

basically i think Achilles is a dumbass.
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