Achilles vs Memnon Picture

The Greek demigod Achilles charges and prepares to clash with King Memnon of Kush (or "Aethiopia" as the Greeks called it). Most artwork that I've seen featuring Achilles in a one-on-one duel pit him against the Trojan Hector, so I felt his earlier confrontation with Memnon deserved some artistic attention for once. A common theme uniting the two fights is that Achilles slew both of his opponents out of vindictive rage for his fallen comrades (Antilochus in the case of Memnon and Patroclus in the case of Hector). Apparently revenge was a big thing for the warrior cultures of the ancient Near East.

I was actually stumped with a choice of weapon for Achilles given his pose. I was originally going to choose a sword, but his helmet would have obscured most of the blade, so ultimately I went for a spear. Unfortunately it looks shorter than it should since most of the shaft is hidden by his head and shield.

Earlier drawing of Memnon:
Troy by BrandonSPilcher, Nov 21, 2013 in Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings > People > Open Format" data-super-img="" data-super-width="510" data-super-height="800" data-super-transparent="false">
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