The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 26

23. In sore straits we have felt his favouring breeze.

24. Let them (the gods) declare, let them magnify, let them sing his praises.

25. O TUTU, who art the god AGA-AZAG in the fourth place--let men exult.

26. Lord of the holy incantation, who maketh the dead to live,

27. He felt compassion for the gods who were in captivity.

28. He riveted on the gods his enemies the yoke which had been resting on them.

29. In mercy towards them he created mankind,

30. The Merciful One in whose power it is to give life.

31. His words shall endure for ever, they shall never be forgotten,

32. In the mouth of the Black-headed
Portion of a tablet inscribed in Assyrian with a text of the Seventh Tablet of the Creation Series. [K. 8522.]

35. O god SHAZU, the wise heart of the gods, who searchest the inward parts of the belly,

36. Who dost not permit the worker of evil to go forth by his side,

37. Establisher of the company of the gods ... their hearts.

38. Reducer of the disobedient ...

[Lines 39-106 are wanting. The positions of the fragmentary lines supplied by duplicate fragments are uncertain; in any case they give no connected sense.]

107. Verily, he holdeth the beginning and the end of them,51 verily ...

108. Saying, "He who entered into the middle of Tiâmat resteth not;

109. "His name shall be 'Nibiru' the seizer of the middle.

110. "He shall set the courses of the stars of the heavens,

111. "He shall herd together the whole company of the gods like sheep.

112. "He shall [ever] take Tiâmat captive, he shall slit up her treasure (variant, life), he shall disembowel her."52

113. Among the men who are to come after a lapse of time,

114. Let [these words] be heard without ceasing, may they reign to all eternity,

115. Because he made the [heavenly] places and moulded the stable [earth].

116. Father Bel proclaimed his name, "Lord of the Lands."

117. All the Igigi repeated the title.

118. Ea heard and his liver rejoiced,

119. Saying, "He whose title hath rejoiced his fathers

120. "Shall be even as I am; his name shall be Ea.

121. "He shall dispose of all the magical benefits of my rites,

122. "He shall make to have effect my instructions."

123. By the title of "Fifty times" the great gods

124. Proclaimed his names fifty times, they magnified his going.


125. Let the first comer take them and repeat them;

126. Let the wise man and the learned man meditate upon all of them;

127. The father shall repeat them to his son that he may lay hold upon them.

128. Let them (i.e., the names) open the ears of the shepherd and the herdsman.53

129. Let [man] rejoice in Marduk, the Lord of the Gods,

130. That his land may be fertile and he himself abide in security.

131. His word is true, his command altereth not.

132. No god hath ever brought to the ground that which issueth from his mouth.