The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 25

117. "King of the gods of heaven and of earth, whose name our company hath proclaimed,

118. "We will fulfil (?) the utterance of his mouth. Over his fathers the gods,

119. "Yea, [over] the gods of heaven and earth, all of them,

120. "His kingship [we will exalt].

121. "[We] will look unto the King of all the heaven and the earth at night when the place of all the gods is darkness (literally sadness).

122. "He hath assigned our dwelling in heaven and in earth in the time of trouble,

123. "He hath allotted stations to the Igigi and the Anunnaki.

124. "The gods themselves are magnified by his name; may he direct their sanctuaries.

125. "ASAR-LU-DUG, [Cuneiform], is his name by which his father Anu hath named him.

126. "Verily, he is the light of the gods, the mighty ...

127. "Who ... all the parts of heaven and of the land

128. "By a mighty combat he saved our dwelling in the time of trouble.

129. "ASAR-LU-DUG, the god who made him (i.e. man) to live, did the god ... call him in the second place

130. "[And] the gods who had been formed, whom he fashioned as though [they were] his offspring.

131. "He is the Lord who hath made all the gods to live by his holy mouth."

[Lines 132-139 are too fragmentary to translate, but it is clear from the text that remains that Lakhmu, and Lakhamu, and Anshar all proclaimed the names of Marduk. When the text again becomes connected Marduk has just been addressing the gods.]

140. In Up-shukkinaku48 he appointed their council for them.

141. [They said]:--"Of [our] son, the Hero, our Avenger,

142. "We will exalt the name by our speech."

143. They sat down and in their assembly they proclaimed his rank.

144. Every one of them pronounced his name in the sanctuary.


1. O ASARI,--giver of plantations, appointer of sowing time,

2. Who dost make grain and fibrous plants, who makest garden herbs to spring up.

3. O ASARU-ALIM--who art weighty in the council-chamber, who art fertile in counsel,

4. To whom the gods pay worship (?) reverent ...

5. O ASARU-ALIM-NUNA--the adored light of the Father who begat him,

6. Who makest straight the direction of Anu, Bel, [and Ea].49

7. He is their patron who fixed [their] ...

8. Whose drink is abundance, who goeth forth ...

9. O TUTU--creator of their new life,

10. Supplier of their wants, that they may be satisfied [or, glad],

11. Let but [Tutu] recite an incantation, the gods shall be at rest;

12. Let but [the gods] attack him (i.e., Tutu) in wrath, he shall resist them successfully;

13. Let him be raised up on a high throne in the assembly of the gods....

14. None among the gods is like unto him.

15. O god TUTU, who art the god ZI-UKKINA, life of the host of the gods,

16. Who stablished the shining heavens for the gods,

17. He founded their paths, he fixed [their courses].

18. Never shall his deeds be forgotten among men.

19. O god TUTU, who art ZI-AZAG, was the third name they gave him--holder (i.e., possessor) of holiness,

20. God of the favourable wind, lord of adoration and grace,

21. Creator of fulness and abundance, stablisher of plenty,

22. Who turneth that which is little into that which is much.