The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 23

75. The gods, his (Marduk's) fathers, looked on the net which he had made,

76. They observed how craftily the bow had been constructed,

77. They extolled the work which he had done.

78. [Then] the god Anu lifted up [the bow] in the company of the gods, 79. He kissed the bow [saying]: "That ..."

80. He proclaimed [the names] of the bow to be as follows:--

81. "Verily, the first is 'Long Wood,' the second is ...

82. "Its third name is 'Bow Star in heaven' ..."

83. He fixed a station for it ...

[Of the remaining 57 lines of this tablet only fragments of 17 lines are preserved, and these yield no connected sense.]


1. On hearing the words of the gods, the heart of Marduk moved him to carry out the works of a craftsman.

2. He opened his mouth, he spake to Ea that which he had planned in his heart, he gave counsel [saying]:

3. "I will solidify blood, I will form bone.

4. "I will set up man, 'Man' [shall be] his name.

5. "I will create the man 'Man.'

6. "The service of the gods shall be established, and I will set them (i.e., the gods) free.

7. "I will make twofold the ways of the gods, and I will beautify [them].

8. "They are [now] grouped together in one place, but they shall be partitioned in two."41

9. Ea answered and spake a word unto him

10. For the consolation of the gods42 he repeated unto him a word of counsel [saying]:

11. "Let one brother [god of their number] be given, let him suffer destruction that men may be fashioned.

12. "Let the great gods be assembled, let this [chosen] one be given in order that they (i.e., the other gods) may be established."

13. Marduk assembled the great gods, [he came near] graciously, he issued a decree,

14. He opened his mouth, he addressed the gods; the King spake a word unto the Anunnaki [saying]:

15. "Verily, that which I spake unto you aforetime was true.

16. "[This time also] I speak truth. [Some there were who] opposed me.43

17. "Who was it that created the strife,

18. "Who caused Tiâmat to revolt, to join battle with me?

19. "Let him who created the strife be given [as sacrifice],

20. "I will cause the axe in the act of sinking to do away his sin."

21. The great gods, the Igigi, answered him,

22. Unto the King of the gods of heaven and of earth, the Prince of the gods, their lord [they said]:

23. "[It was] Kingu who created the strife,

24. "Who made Tiâmat to revolt, to join battle [with thee]."

25. They bound him in fetters [they brought] him before Ea, they inflicted punishment on him, they let his blood,

26. From his blood he (i.e., Ea) fashioned mankind for the service of the gods, and he set the gods free.

27. After Ea had fashioned man he ... laid service upon him.

28. [For] that work, which pleased him not, man was chosen: Marduk ...

29. Marduk, the King of the gods, divided ... he set the Anunnaki up on high.

30. He laid down for Anu a decree that protected [his] heart ... as a guard.

31. He made twofold the ways on the earth [and in the heavens?] 32. By decrees ...