The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 21

65. The Lord approached, he looked upon the middle of Tiâmat,

66. He searched out the plan of Kingu, her husband.

67. Marduk looked, Kingu staggered in his gait,

68. His will was destroyed, his motion was paralysed.

69. And the gods his helpers who were marching by his side

70. Saw the [collapse of] their chief and their sight was troubled.

71. Tiâmat [shrieked but] did not turn her head.

72. With lips full of [rebellious words] she maintained her stubbornness

73. [Saying], "... that thou hast come as the Lord of the gods, [forsooth],

74. "They have appointed thee in the place which should be theirs."

75. The Lord raised up the wind-storm, his mighty weapon,

76. [Against] Tiâmat, who was furious (?), he sent it, [saying]:

77. "[Thou hast made thyself] mighty, thou art puffed upon high,

78. "Thy heart [hath stirred thee up] to invoke battle

79. "... their fathers ...

80. "...

81. "[Thou hast exalted Kingu to be [thy] husband,

82. "[Thou hast made him to usurp] the attributes of Anu

83. "... thou hast planned evil.

84. "[Against] the gods, my fathers, thou hast wrought evil.

85. "Let now thy troops gird themselves up, let them bind on their weapons.

86. "Stand up! Thou and I, let us to the fight!"

87. On hearing these words Tiâmat

88. Became like a mad thing, her senses became distraught,

89. Tiâmat uttered shrill cries again and again.

90. That on which she stood split in twain at the words,

91. She recited an incantation, she pronounced her spell.

92. The gods of battle demanded their weapons.37

93. Tiâmat and Marduk, the envoy of the gods, roused themselves,

94. They advanced to fight each other, they drew nigh in battle.

95. The Lord cast his net and made it to enclose her,

96. The evil wind that had its place behind him he let out in her face.

97. Tiâmat opened her mouth to its greatest extent,

98. Marduk made the evil wind to enter [it] whilst her lips were unclosed.

99. The raging winds filled out her belly,

100. Her heart was gripped, she opened wide her mouth [panting].

101. Marduk grasped the spear, he split up her belly,

102. He clave open her bowels, he pierced [her] heart,

103. He brought her to nought, he destroyed her life.

104. He cast down her carcase, he took up his stand upon it,

105. After Marduk had slain Tiâmat the chief,

106. Her host was scattered, her levies became fugitive,

107. And the gods, her allies, who had marched at her side,

108. Quaked with terror, and broke and ran

109. And betook themselves to flight to save their lives.

110. But they found themselves hemmed in, they could not escape,

111. Marduk tied them up, he smashed their weapons.

112. They were cast into the net, and they were caught in the snare,

113. The ... of the world they filled with [their] cries of grief.

114. They received [Marduk's] chastisement, they were confined in restraint,

115. And [on] the Eleven Creatures which Tiâmat had filled with awfulness,

116. The company of the devils that marched at her ...

117. He threw fetters, he ... their sides.

118. They and their resistance he trod under his feet.

119. The god Kingu who had been magnified over them