The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 20

19. Then a cloak (literally, one cloak) was set in their midst,

20. They addressed the god Marduk their first-born [saying]:

21. "Thou, Lord, shalt hold the foremost position among the gods.

22. "Decree thou the throwing down
Portion of a tablet inscribed in Babylonian with a text of the Fourth Tablet of the Creation Series. [No. 93,016.]

43. The South wind, the North wind, the East wind, the West wind.

44. He held the net close to his side, the gift of his father Anu,

45. He created the "foul" wind, the storm, the parching blast,

46. The wind of "four," the wind of "seven," the typhoon, the wind incomparable

Portion of a tablet inscribed in Assyrian with a text of the Fourth Tablet of the Creation Series. [K. 3437.]

47. He despatched the seven winds which he had made,

48. To make turbid the inward parts of Tiâmat; they followed in his train.

49. The Lord raised up the wind storm, his mighty weapon.

50. He went up into his chariot, the unequalled and terrible tempest.36

51. He equipped it, he yoked thereto a team of four horses,

52. Pawing the ground, champing, foaming [eager to] fly,

53. ... [the odour] of their teeth bore foetidness,

54. They were skilled [in biting], they were trained to trample under foot.

[Lines 55-57 too fragmentary to translate; they continue the description of Marduk's equipment.]

58. His brightness streamed forth, his head was crowned [thereby].

59. He took a direct path, he hastened on his journey.

60. He set his face towards the place of Tiâmat, who was ...

61. On his lips ... he restrained

62. ... his hand grasped.

63. At that moment the gods were gazing upon him with fixed intensity,

64. The gods, his fathers, gazed upon him, they gazed upon him.