The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 19

106. "'As for thee, thy command shall not fall empty, what goeth forth from thy mouth shall be established.'

107. "When Kingu was raised on high, and had taken the heavens (Anutum)

108. "He fixed the destinies for the gods, his sons, [saying]:

109. "'Open your mouths, let the Fire-god be quenched,

110. "'He who is glorious in battle and is most mighty shall do great deeds.

111. "'I sent the god Anu, but he could not prevail against her.

112. "'Nudimmud (i.e., Ea) was afraid and turned back.

113. "'Marduk, your son, the envoy of the gods, hath set out.

114. "'His heart is stirred up to oppose Tiâmat.

115. "'He opened his mouth, he spoke unto me, [saying]:

116. "'Should I as your avenger

117. "'Slay Tiâmat, and bestow life upon you,

118. "'Summon a meeting (i.e., council), proclaim and magnify my position,

119. "'Sit down together in friendly fashion in Upshukkinaku,

120. "'Let me issue decrees by the opening of my mouth, even as ye do,

121. "'Whatsoever I bring to pass let it remain unaltered.

122. "'That which my mouth uttereth shall neither fail nor be brought to nought."'

123. "Hasten ye therefore, issue your decrees speedily

124. "That he may go to meet your mighty enemy."

125. The gods Lakhmu and Lakhamu heard, they wailed loudly,

126. All the Igigi gods wept bitterly [saying]:

127. "Who were [our] enemies until [the gods] were posted [in heaven]?

128. "We cannot comprehend the work of Tiâmat."

129. They gathered themselves together, they went,

130. All the great gods, who issue decrees.

131. They entered in, they filled [the court] before Anshar.

132. Brother [god] kissed brother [god] in the [divine] assembly,

133. They held a meeting, they sat down to a feast,

134. They ate bread, they heated the [sesame wine],

135. The taste of the sweet drink confused their ...

136. They drank themselves drunk, their bodies were filled to overflowing,

137. They were overcome by heaviness [of drink], their livers (i.e., spirits) were exalted,

138. They issued the decree for Marduk as their avenger.


1. They founded for him a majestic canopy,

2. He (i.e., Marduk) seated himself in the seat of kingship in the presence of his fathers [who said unto him]:

3. "Thou art honourable by reason of thy greatness among the gods.

4. "Thy position is unrivalled, the words thou utterest become Anum (i.e., as fixed as the sky).

5. "Thou art honourable by reason of thy greatness among the gods.

6. "Thy position is unrivalled, the words thou utterest become Anum (i.e., as fixed as the sky).

7. "From this day onward thy command shall not be abrogated.

8. "The power to exalt to heaven and to cast down to the earth both shall be in thy hand,

9. "That which goeth forth from thy mouth shall be established, against thy utterance shall be no appeal.

10. "No one among the gods shall overstep thy boundary,

11. "Worship, which is the object of the sanctuary of the gods,

12. "Whensoever they lack [it] shall be forthcoming in thy sanctuary,

13. "O god Marduk, thou art our avenger.

14. "We have given unto thee sovereignty over the whole creation,

15. "Thou shalt sit down, in the council thy word shall be exalted,

16. "Thy weapon shall never fall [from thy hands], it shall break the head of thy foe.

17. "Lord, whosoever putteth his trust in thee, spare thou his life,

18. "And the god who deviseth evil, pour thou out his soul."